What do I do?
Sparkford 2 depends on a team of Taskforce, who help to make sure that all the practical things run smoothly. In teams, the Taskforce will take charge of cleaning bathrooms, washing up after meals and running various games for the members. This means that the leaders can spend more time with the members in their dorms.

It’s hard work
…and perhaps not quite as glamorous as some of the other Christian activities on offer over the summer. But being a Taskforcer is a great hands-on way to serve Jesus, and to be humbly involved in the spread of the gospel.

Is it all work?
No! It’s loads of fun. After all the jobs are done each day there’s lots of free time to join in all the different activities (sport, music, drama, craft workshops, games and trips etc) and make the most of the excellent facilities on site (including squash courts, sports hall, pool, tennis courts). It’s been said that being a Taskforcer is the most fun job on camp!

What else?
Taskforce have their own teaching at Sparkford 2. We do our own Taskforce bible study each day, and there are seminars run especially for the Taskforce. This is a chance to find out more about the Christian faith, and be discipled by the Taskforce leaders to grow in your own faith in Jesus.

The members and the leaders pay £285. Taskforce are asked to contribute the same, although we recognise that some can afford only a proportion of the total cost. and we would rather have you than your money! That said, many Taskforcers see this as part of their yearly giving to the church, and others have found financial support from Christian friends or their home church.

How do I apply?
Simply follow this link.

Please get in touch for more details, you can email TF@sparkford2.co.uk