Who can be a leader?
Being a leader on Sparkford 2 is ridiculous awesome fun. We need all kinds of people so get in touch with us.  We have leaders from a variety of churches and we’d love for you to join our Sparkford 2 family.  We’ll ask for some church references, get you DBS checked and give you full training.

What about families?
Families are a crucial part of life at Sparkford 2, in fact, it wouldn’t be the same without them! If children are old enough, they often get adopted by a dorm. There is a caring community of mums and dads based in the dedicated families block, and bible studies are arranged to ensure Sparkford is spiritually rewarding for all.

How much does it cost?
We ask leaders to pay full member fees if at all possible – this is clearly a sacrifice but it means we can keep fees as low as possible for the members. However, if paying the full amount is a problem please don’t worry. Your ‘fees’ are treated as a donation so you should see it like that – and give as you are able to.