Welcome to Sparkford 2

CYFA VENTURES holiday for 14-18 year olds every August.

Sparkford 2021: 2nd-9th August BOOK HERE (opens 30th March)

Looking for a good read? Why not try ‘Looking for God in a Coronovirus world’ by John Lennox. £1.59 digital download from the Good Book company

HOW MUCH?? We hear you yell. Yes. £1.59!!!!! THAT’S A BARGAIN

What books are you currently enjoying?

We read the John Lennox book. It has a helpful biblical, historical and social perspective. Plus. It is VERY short.

About Us

Sparkford 2 is an epic holiday where we get to know our creator God

Where is Sparkford 2?

We’re at Hazlegrove House most summers